Value of Auto Window Tinting for UV Ray Protection

auto window tinting UV protection

While many who look into auto window tinting services are doing so for aesthetic reasons, it’s important to recognize that such services also come with practical benefits. They help keep your vehicle cooler during the hot summer, for instance, and they’re also valuable for the protection they provide from potentially harmful UV rays.

At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services, we offer high-quality auto tinting services at your convenience – and at the location of your choosing. Many people don’t realize just how valuable a window tint is when it comes to UV protection – let’s go over the general UV exposure risk you face while driving, the limited protection your stock windows offer and how tinting benefits you. 

UV Ray Exposure Risks

In the short-term, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to sunburns and related discomfort. In the long-term, however, the risks are more severe, including skin cancer – the most common form of cancer in the entire United States. Per the Skin Cancer Foundation, some basic facts on skin cancer and its relationship to UV exposure:

  • One in five people in the US will develop skin cancer before age 70, with men twice as likely as women to be diagnosed.
  • Diagnoses of skin cancer has increased by 77% over the last two decades and change.
  • Over 90% of all skin cancer cases are due to exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

Cumulative Damage

It’s important to note that UV damage doesn’t simply reset when you leave the sun – it’s a cumulative thing, one that’s involved with speeding up the aging process and bringing wrinkles or other skin marks. And as we just noted above, UVA rays are responsible for a huge percentage of skin cancer cases.

When it comes to sitting in a car, most people don’t realize the impact of this long-term exposure. According to AAA, the average American spends 290 hours on the road each year, many of which are in sunlight.

Windows Provide Limited Protection

Now, you might be thinking, don’t my windows protect me from UV rays? They do, but only partially. Window glass will block UVB rays, which cause burns and blisters, but they will allow UVA rays – the cancer-causing type – through. Meanwhile, windshields are generally treated to block UVA and UVB rays, but this means window areas remain a risk.

How Window Tinting Helps

Luckily, window tinting is a fast and affordable solution to this concern. High-performance window tinting offers constant protection, blocking out up to 99% of all UV rays. Window films filter out these rays through absorption, serving as a highly effective deterrent to skin cancer and other risks of UV exposure.

For more on the ways window tinting helps protect you from UV exposure, or to learn about any of its other benefits or our mobile car detailing services, speak to the staff at Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services today.