Do you love to play? As you’ve grown older, have your toys gotten bigger? If you’re running out of ideas for auto or boat storage in Salt Lake City, you haven’t tried Kram’s!

Auto Storage in Salt Lake City

Perhaps you have an old muscle car that you want to fix up. Maybe you intend to get around to working on it any year now. Maybe your wife is constantly asking you to get the thing out of the garage. If so, we have your solution. Maybe you’ve already fixed the car up, but you have no place to store it in between joy rides. We’re there for you on that front, too. Call Kram’s Mobile Detailing to learn about our vehicle storage options. We’re sure to have a location and conditions that will satisfy even the pickiest of mechanics, gearheads, and auto aficionados.

Boat Storage in Salt Lake City

Boats are fun. Small fishing boats are easy to store in the garage or a shed, but larger craft may pose a problem. If you love to waterski, wakeboard, tube, or just jet around on the water with a lot of your friends, you probably have a big boat. Unfortunately, you may not have a big place to store it. We understand that, as much as you may wish you could, you simply can’t be out on the water every day. For those days when you have to go to work, take kids to school, and otherwise live life on land, let Kram’s Mobile Detailing store your boat for you. We have huge storage spaces that can accommodate your summer fun vessel.

If you’re searching for boat or auto storage in the Salt Lake City area, search no further than Kram’s Mobile Detailing. We’re so much more than detailing. Give us a call today for more information.