Residential Tint

Tired of high utility bills and faded furniture? If the sun is having its way with you and your home, it’s time to consider professional home tinting for your Salt Lake City home.

Lower Utility Bills

When you hire Kram’s Mobile Detailing to install tint on the windows of your home, you’re signing up for lower utility bills in the summer. Sun beating down on your windows can dramatically increase the temperature inside your home. If you’re tired of choosing between paying to stay cool and sweating it out to save money, it’s time to call us and let us tint your home’s windows. Window tint will decrease the temperature in your home by 8 degrees or more.

Increased Privacy, Decreased Fading

We offer tint in different shading degrees. You may want a nearly-invisible tint that only reflects UV rays, or you may want a dark tint that provides privacy as well as protection from the sun. Whichever tint you choose, furniture, carpet and curtains will fade less with tinted windows. If you’ve never considered it before, now may be the time to start thinking about home tinting. Salt Lake City residents can all Kram’s Mobile Detailing and set up an appointment today.

Get Professional Results

Self-tint kits are available online and at hardware stores. The packaging assures you that you can achieve a secure, bubble-free tint on your windows by yourself at home. Don’t believe these packages! No one can apply a tint perfectly on their first try. If you want your home to look nice instead of shabby, call the professionals at Kram’s Mobile Detailing. We have tinted hundreds upon hundreds of windows. We guarantee professional results that you will be pleased with.

If you’re searching for a way to lower your utility bills and save your furniture, home tinting is the solution. For the best home tinting in Salt Lake City, call Kram’s Mobile Detailing.