Preventing and Removing Hard Water Stains Using Detailing

preventing hard water stains detailing

There are a variety of visual concerns that might arise with a given vehicle over time, and one such concern is hard water spots. Hard water refers to water that contains a higher quantity of minerals and sediment within it, elements that can damage paint surfaces and bring unsightly spots to a vehicle’s exterior.

At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services, our mobile auto detailing solutions include helping you assess the presence of hard water spots and remove them – plus helping you prevent them from appearing again in the future. Let’s go over everything you might need to know about limiting and removing hard water spots from your car. 

Causes of Hard Water Spots

So what are hard water spots, really. Essentially, they’re the remaining solids found in evaporated hard water droplets. They can come from a variety of sources: Parking near a sprinkler or kids with squirt guns, driving through a puddle of hard water, improper drying after washing the vehicle, or even a simple rainstorm in some cases.

When water contacts the car, any particles present in it – smoke, dirt, carbon dioxide, chemicals or others – will also come into contact. When the water evaporates, you’ll find crusty spots made of salt, minerals or various other debris. If there are chemicals in the water, particularly any caustic chemicals, these may begin slowly eating away at your paint. They may also leave craters and pit the surface, allowing future water to pool up and create worsening issues.

How We’ll Help You Remove Hard Water Spots

In cases where hard water spots have already formed on your vehicle’s surface, the primary tools we’ll use to help you get rid of them are microfiber cloths, detailing spray and a dedicated hard water spot and scale remover. We’ll apply the hard water spot remover to the cloth, then work in sections to remove each individual spot from the surface of your car.

Once the remover is used, the detailing spray will be applied afterward. When we’ve finished each individual spot, we will then wash, dry and wax the vehicle to seal in the new protective coating and remove any additional chemicals still on the surface.

Preventing Hard Water Spots

Now, there are steps you can take to prevent hard water spots from ever forming in the first place. The first involves proper washing and drying – don’t allow any water to remain on your surface after any car wash, whether professional or self-applied. In addition, talk to our team about waxing services, which will prevent water and chemicals from interacting directly with your paint in the future and will limit the risk of damage from hard water.

For more on limiting and removing hard water spots from your vehicle’s exterior, or to learn about any of our mobile vehicle detailing or window tinting services, speak to the staff at Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services today.