Gel Coat Restoration

If you have ever owned a boat, RV or camping trailer, there is a good chance you have seen or experienced the joy of gel coat. Gel coat is the material applied to the surface of fiberglass to give a glossy and shiny look to your vehicle.

  • Does your paint look chalky?
  • Is your paint dull looking?
  • Is your paint oxidized?

Kram's Professional Detailing can restore your gel coat so that it looks new and shines. Our trained professionals fix and restore your gel coat to its original shiny state.  Kram’s Professional Detailing is the "go to detail shop" for many Wasatch Front boat shops. Our trained cleaning professionals  have several options to restore your gel coat:

  • Buff & Shine (Early stage oxidation)
  • Opti-Coat (More severe oxidation)

These processes allow the gel coat to last anywhere from 3-7 years depending on how the vehicle is stored. Call to talk with a Kram's Professional to learn about other preventative processes to protect and prolong the gel coat on boats, RV’s, and trailers to protect your recreational investments.