Gel Coat Restoration

If you have ever owned a boat, RV or camping trailer, there is a good chance you have seen or experienced the joy of gel coat. Gel coat is the material applied to the surface of fiberglass to give a glossy and shiny look to the body of the vehicle. Over time and fighting the elements of weather and sun, the shine goes away and it becomes chalky and dull. This is known as oxidation and causes the exterior to look dull and unpleasant. Not many people know how to properly fix this issue and restore the gel coat to its proper state. It can be a messy and very time consuming process to bring the gel coat back to its original state. When it is wet, it looks great. However, when it dries, it returns to the dull chalky material. Kram’s Professional Detailing is the go to shop for many local boat shops and has been trained with 8+ years experience with gel coat restoration and is capable of restoring gel coat a few different ways. If the gel coat is not severely oxidized, we can buff the gel coat to bring back the glory days and shine. The other way we are able to restore severely oxidized gel coat is with a new product from Opti-Coat. We are able to apply this product in multiple coats, if necessary to revitalize and restore the gel coat to its shine and mirror like appearance. These processes allow the gel coat to last anywhere from 3-7 years depending on how the vehicle is stored. There are more preventative processes we offer to protect and prolong the gel coat on boats, RV’s, and trailers to help save money in the long run.