Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions customers ask when it comes to our serices. What exactly is mobile detailing? What all do we detail? The answers to these and other frequently asked questions can be found here.

What mobile services do you offer?
Anything from a basic hand-wash to a full detail.
Does salt from roads in winter really hurt my car?
Yes. Salt can damage the surfaces of your vehicle. We use professional paint sealant waxes that will protect your car during harsh winter months.
Can you remove smoke or other lingering smells from my car?
Yes, we use a professional grade ozone generator to neutralize almost any foul smell in your vehicle or home.
Will my window tint fade or turn purple?
If you have Krams tint your windows we will guarantee your tint for the life of car. We use only the highest quality products in our window tinting ensuring your tint will look great as long as you have your car.