Extreme Detailing

Insurance side - this is our most sought after service. It is based around the individual or company requesting a detail for a specific reason or need. This service comes with a certified detailer with a minimum of 7 years of experience and many levels of certifications. Extreme Detailing is more commonly used with insurance companies requesting the following services so vehicles can avoid a salvage title.
  • Hazmat - such as oil, gas, paint, transmission fluid, and other chemical spills.
  • Biohazard - Urine, blood, feces, puke, and any other substances from living things.
  • Vandalism - Exterior scratches, spray paint, adhesives, and other intentional abuse. theft recovery - damages done to vehicle while in someone else's possession.
  • Overspray - includes solvent base, water base, and epoxy paints. Even road paint.
  • Odor control - any foul odor that seems to be impossible to remove, we can do. This would include spoiled milk, juices, rodents, and any other strange smells we have eliminated.
  • Mold - sometimes when vehicles, boats, or planes are stored incorrectly the can start to grow mold and mildew. With the proper equipment and safety gear we destroy any living spores before we begin the removal process.
  • Drug testing - I know it sounds crazy but yes we actually can drug test a vehicle. It’s mainly to discern if METH has been present in the vehicle if so this process can take up to 3 days to safely and fully remove it. If not done properly the title of the vehicle could become a salvage title.
All of this is to ensure our customers vehicle is returned to a much better condition than before the accident. Some would call this service to be impossible but we have studied, trained, and experienced over the past 10 years to perfect these Extreme Detailing techniques for our customers.
  • Events - A custom tailored detail experience for car manufacturers and car shows. We use this service to go beyond where most usually stop or call it good enough, all the way down to a perfect undercarriage. Here is a list of some of the events, manufacturers and private shows that have used our services: Maverik, Enterprise, Sundance Film Festival, Acura, Audi, Honda, Auto Rama, International Auto Expo, USA Olympic Teams, Supercar Invitational, Hyundai, Price Museum of Speed, Fire Trucks, and many other small and large events in Utah, Idaho, & Nevada.
  • Aviation - We do it all; helicopters, private planes, and private jets. This definitely takes some training to perfect and guarantee the safety of flight. We use only approved products to guarantee quality and safety for the planes and passengers.
  • Marine - We take pride in assisting our local boat shops in some crazy detailing to correct oxidized paint, lime scale, sand, water spots, and extreme mold situations in boats. We have been trained in gel coat restoration (not repair) and what it really takes to bring your boat back to it original shine.
  • Headlight restoration - restores old dull headlights to factory appearance. Don’t be the cause of an accident with low vision headlights. They could blame the accident on you even if your not at fault because of the low light visibility of cloudy headlights. This benefits your night driving safety and a better look to your vehicle.
  • Headliner detailing - headliners are extremely fragile if steamed or improper chemicals used it can cause your headliner to sag. Don’t be a victim of untrained detailers that damage your vehicle. This could cost you up to one thousand dollars in a headliner replacement.
  • Animal Hair - no matter how little or much we can fully remove all animal hair. Make your vehicle yours again.
  • Leather Care - We have the right stuff to clean, condition, and protect all types of leather. Suede, buckskin, real leather, pleather, and alcantara.
  • Stain Guard - New technology has allowed chemicals to bond to materials even better than before. This is now far greater than the factory stain protection that comes with most new vehicles.
  • Engine Detailing - need your engine looking new. No matter the year, classic or modern, we have this perfected. Your motor will look like it never has before. You will love it!
  • Glass Scratch Removal - This revolutionary new polishing method can now be done with our mobile units. That’s right we are fully equipped and trained to be able to remove most scratches from your windows. This includes stubborn wiper blade scratches on the windshield to your old pick-ups side windows that you thought had to be replaced. You will be amazed that we can remove about 95% of all scratches out of glass. Add on our top of the line lifetime glass coating for optimum clarity and visibility during harsh weather environments.