Common Vehicle Hand-Washing Mistakes to Avoid, Part 2

vehicle hand-washing mistakes

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common vehicle hand-washing mistakes to avoid if you perform this task regularly. Many experts recommend vehicle exteriors be washed at least once every couple weeks, and those looking to save a bit of money will perform many of these washes on their own.

At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service, we’re big fans of our clients who perform diligent hand-washes in between our more involved auto detailing services. We can get your vehicle to an even greater degree of sparkle and shine if you regularly follow good habits for self-cleaning – on the other hand, if you regularly make errors during this process, this might compromise your vehicle’s aesthetic qualities and limit our abilities. Here are a few other big errors down these lines to avoid as you’re hand-washing your car.

Improper Equipment

One major mistake during this process is using the wrong equipment, tools or solutions for cleaning the car. A few areas to ensure you’re properly stocked for include:

  • Water and towels: There should be a robust supply of clean water available, and it should be used regularly to clean all towels, sponges, brushes and other cleaning or drying materials. This is to ensure there’s no smearing or transferring of dirt or grime to areas that are being cleaned. If water becomes dirty over time, be sure to change it regularly.
  • Cleaning tools: Ensure you have the proper sponges, brushes or other tools that will allow you to reach every area of the vehicle.

Drying Errors

Another area where some individuals err when washing their cars is during the drying process. There’s a balance to be struck between wiping off remaining water spots on the car and rubbing in paint too roughly, which can risk scratching it or creating watermarks.

The most important element here: Speed. Get to drying before the sun begins doing it for you, which can lead to watermarks in many cases. Also look to use minimal pressure on the actual paint job – some use an air blower or specific microfiber towels to ensure there’s no risk of scratching.

Waxing Quantity

If you choose to wax your own vehicle, you must first be sure it’s completely clean. From here, be sure you apply the right amount – too much wax will potentially damage surfaces, while too little will bring an inconsistent polish. It’s also important not to apply wax in direct sunlight.

Chemical Carpet Cleaning

Finally, if you’re doing some detailed carpet cleaning, resist the urge to use harsh chemicals to get tough stains or dirt out. These will generally just harm the carpet and often increase the attraction level for dirt – the proper process here involves washing, rinsing and drying with some patience included.

For more on avoiding errors while hand-washing your car, or to learn about any of our mobile detailing, window tinting or other services, speak to the staff at Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service today.