Common Vehicle Hand-Washing Mistakes to Avoid, Part 1

vehicle hand-washing mistakes avoid

At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service, we’re proud to provide quality car detailing that comes to you at your convenience. Sparing you the hassle of driving to and from your appointment while providing you with the best possible services, we’ve been assisting clients around Salt Lake City for years.

While we recommend our services for any major detailing needs, we’re thrilled to deal with clients who also hand-wash their vehicles on their own periodically. However, there are several mistakes you want to avoid while hand-washing your vehicle, and we’re happy to offer expertise here as well. This two-part blog will go over several errors to avoid while hand-washing your vehicle.

Going in the Wrong Order or Pattern

Like many other simple cleaning processes, the order you go in while washing a car is important to pay attention to. If you hit the wrong areas first, or fail to protect certain areas, you could be creating more work for yourself or even making certain sections dirtier.

For starters, we recommend applying a brake dust remover first and foremost. This will stop wheel grime from getting all over the rims and wall ledges, and you can begin with the vehicle’s tires so said grime is contained to one area. Once this is done, you can begin cleaning the exterior body, then move to the windows and any moldings.

One final tip: Start from the top and move down so you aren’t moving dirt and grime to the same areas you’ve just cleaned.

Lack of Vehicle Understanding

Vehicle bodies can be made of several different materials, and which yours is made of may dictate which cleaners or treatments you choose. This is especially true when it comes to a new paint job, or when you’re dealing with darker plastics or glass windows.

In addition, know that certain interior materials like leather are sensitive to improper cleaning products. Cloth also requires a non-abrasive cleaner.

Choosing the Wrong Treatments

Down similar lines, you need to buy the right cleaning products for both the interior and exterior. Don’t ever use household dish soap or cleaning chemicals, which will oxidize your paint job and dull the way your paint looks. Instead, choose only car-wash approved products, ideally those that are eco-friendly.

Washing in the Sun

If at all possible, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight. Not only can this cause cleaning products to dry before they’ve been rinsed off, damaging your paint job, the sun may also cause you to waste more water. If you absolutely must perform the wash in the sun, go panel-by-panel to ensure no chemicals dry into your paint job.

For more on how to hand-wash your car at home, or to learn about any of our mobile detailing or window tinting services, speak to the staff at Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service today.