Common Vehicle Hand-Washing Mistakes to Avoid, Part 2

vehicle hand-washing mistakes

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common vehicle hand-washing mistakes to avoid if you perform this task regularly. Many experts recommend vehicle exteriors be washed at least once every couple weeks, and those looking to save a bit of money will perform many of these washes on their own. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service, we’re big fans of our clients who perform diligent hand-washes in between our more involved auto detailing services. We can get your vehicle to an even greater degree of sparkle and shine if you regularly follow good habits for self-cleaning – on the other hand, if you regularly make errors during this process, this might compromise your vehicle’s aesthetic qualities and limit our abilities. Here are a few other big errors down these lines to avoid as you’re Read More

Common Vehicle Hand-Washing Mistakes to Avoid, Part 1

vehicle hand-washing mistakes avoid

At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service, we’re proud to provide quality car detailing that comes to you at your convenience. Sparing you the hassle of driving to and from your appointment while providing you with the best possible services, we’ve been assisting clients around Salt Lake City for years. While we recommend our services for any major detailing needs, we’re thrilled to deal with clients who also hand-wash their vehicles on their own periodically. However, there are several mistakes you want to avoid while hand-washing your vehicle, and we’re happy to offer expertise here as well. This two-part blog will go over several errors to avoid while hand-washing your vehicle. Going in the Wrong Order or Pattern Like many other simple cleaning processes, the order you go in while washing a car is important to pay attention to. If you hit Read More

Comparing Window Tinting Savings to Window Replacement

comparing window tinting savings replacement

In today’s modern age, more and more people are prioritizing energy efficiency in any area they can. Both for cost savings and environmental purposes, this is an area that holds several specific benefits and can be utilized across several walks of life. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service, we’re here to tell you about one specific area that relates directly to energy savings: Window tinting. Many homeowners are realizing that their windows play a big role in their home’s energy efficiency, but many choose to simply replace windows when a far more cost-effective option is available in home window tinting. Let’s go over some of the standard costs and savings of replacing windows compared to window tinting, plus why the latter is often the far more economical choice for you. Window Replacement Energy and Cost Savings Using general estimates, let’s take Read More

Factors to Prioritize When Choosing a Car Detailer

factors choosing car detailer

If you’re considering car detailing for the first time, choosing the right detailer for the job is an important task. Like any other personal service industry, there are a wide range of quality levels out there for vehicle detailing. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services, we welcome and even recommend comparisons of our vehicle detailing services to our competitors in the area. This is the proper approach for any diligent customer, and we’re extremely confident our services and reputation will stack up well against other comparable companies. Here are several of the top areas you should be prioritizing when it comes to choosing a car detailer, plus how we stand apart from the competition in several of these areas. Location One of the immediate ways we stand out from many of our competitors: We don’t have a single set location, instead Read More

Value of Auto Window Tinting for UV Ray Protection

auto window tinting UV protection

While many who look into auto window tinting services are doing so for aesthetic reasons, it’s important to recognize that such services also come with practical benefits. They help keep your vehicle cooler during the hot summer, for instance, and they’re also valuable for the protection they provide from potentially harmful UV rays. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services, we offer high-quality auto tinting services at your convenience – and at the location of your choosing. Many people don’t realize just how valuable a window tint is when it comes to UV protection – let’s go over the general UV exposure risk you face while driving, the limited protection your stock windows offer and how tinting benefits you.  UV Ray Exposure Risks In the short-term, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to sunburns and related discomfort. In the long-term, however, Read More

Preventing and Removing Hard Water Stains Using Detailing

preventing hard water stains detailing

There are a variety of visual concerns that might arise with a given vehicle over time, and one such concern is hard water spots. Hard water refers to water that contains a higher quantity of minerals and sediment within it, elements that can damage paint surfaces and bring unsightly spots to a vehicle’s exterior. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services, our mobile auto detailing solutions include helping you assess the presence of hard water spots and remove them – plus helping you prevent them from appearing again in the future. Let’s go over everything you might need to know about limiting and removing hard water spots from your car.  Causes of Hard Water Spots So what are hard water spots, really. Essentially, they’re the remaining solids found in evaporated hard water droplets. They can come from a variety of sources: Parking Read More

Primer on Wax, Sealant and Coatings for Vehicle Detailing, Part 2

wax sealant coatings vehicle detailing

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics of waxes, sealants and coatings as protective materials for your vehicle’s paint and exterior. Also responsible for bringing that desirable shine to your car’s appearance, these materials are all similar in some ways – but also have some important differences in what they bring to your vehicle. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Services, our mobile detailing solutions include an array of protective elements, including each of these products as needed – and we come to you to apply them, saving you time and money. In today’s part two, we’ll go over sealants and coatings in detail, plus offer you information on a couple related alternatives. Sealant Basics and Types Sealants are liquid compounds meant to bond to the car’s paint and keep it protected. They’re usually Read More

Primer on Wax, Sealant and Coatings for Vehicle Detailing, Part 1

wax sealant coatings vehicle detailing

There are several aspects of auto detailing that bring protective qualities to the vehicle being detailed, and a great example here are elements like waxes, sealants and coatings. Used to protect the paint and exterior of the vehicle, these materials accomplish this task while also bringing a glossy shine that makes the car look brand new. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing Service, we’re proud to offer a full array of protective materials as part of our mobile detailing services. We come to you to provide these services, saving you gas, time and hassle in the process. For those new to the detailing process, terms like wax, sealant and coating may all sound like the same thing – but in reality, they’re related-but-different materials that perform differing functions. This two-part blog will dig into the basics on each of these and what Read More

Importance of Auto Detailing

car interior detail

The aspect of a car is very important, especially if you are going to car shows or you just want to showcase your ride to your friends. The increased amount of care for cleaning, waxing and polishing an automobile has created the art of auto detailing, with more and more people interested in this each and every day. The most important aspect of auto detailing is that this process will take care both of the inside and outside of a vehicle, which is great, and provides you with a great interior and exterior look that preserves the resale value of the car. This is what gains the attention of more and more car owners out there, since all cars have a lower resale value as they get older. A good auto detail needs to handle both the interior and exterior Read More

How Does Tinting Your Windows Keep Your Car Cool

window tint

Tinting your windows can provide you with a good and cheap way of making your car stand out, but it will also reduce the heat, thus keeping your car cool. The whole process is quite simple and very easy to do, this is why more and more people and choosing to tint the windows of their cars instead of looking for more ways of cooling their car. Tinting reduces the heat in a very simple way, just by reducing the number of thermal rays that enter your car. This basically means that less heat is entering your car, so it will be a lot cooler inside it. In detail, the whole process of blocking the wavelengths acts as a filter which actually prevents interior heating without the need to block the illuminating feature of the sun rays. So you will Read More