Why do we use it?

Kram’s Professional Detailing is your one stop shop for beautifying your vehicle. We have 10+ years of experience and trainings from around the country. Kram’s is experienced in paint correction to get your vehicle’s paint looking show car ready by removing hazing, scratches and other paint imperfections. Along with making your paint look incredible, we can also protect your paint from the harsh elements. We offer a couple different waxes and ceramic coatings that help protect your car for months and even years! Kram’s services many body shops and dealers around Salt Lake countyand was one of the first, if not the first to leave dark colored cars swirl free. We also clean up interiors of vehicles. Kram’s has methods and tools to clean interiors better than it’s competitors. We are the go to detail shop for daily driver details to the nasty unheard of details. Kram’s Professional Detailing has cleaned up everything from the soccer mom minivan to vehicles with biohazard materials. We are trained and certified to properly clean and sanitize interiors for that clean and safe environment. Kram’s Professional Detailing is the oldest .