Office Window Tinting

Have you ever considered commercial building tinting? Salt Lake City businesses can and should consider this upgrade. It benefits you and your tenants in many ways.

Save Money with Commercial Window Tinting

When you tint the windows of your commercial building, you’ll block out sun that can dramatically change the temperature inside the offices and other rooms of the building. Keeping that sun out will lower the air conditioning bills in the summer by hundreds of dollars. Tinted windows can also lower heating bills by helping to stabilize temperatures. In many areas, business owners are also eligible for a tax credit when they take energy-saving steps, like tinting windows.

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Tinted Windows

When you hire Kram’s Mobile Detailing to for commercial building tinting in Salt Lake City, you get high-quality tint and high-quality service. You also get happier employees. That’s because tinted windows reduce glare, which in turn reduces eye strain. Employees and tenants will have to squint less, and there will be fewer reflections off computer screens and other smooth surfaces. Tinted windows also offer your employees UV protection. This will not only protect your employees; it can also protect the building itself. Fewer UV rays means less fading of carpet, furniture and textiles.

Increase Value for Your Salt Lake City Business

When a commercial building is improved with something like tinted windows, the value of the building itself increases. The building will become more attractive, which ups its value. But window tint can do so much more. Dark windows will prevent passersby from seeing in, which will deter theft and reduce the likelihood of a break-in. And if there is an attempted break in, the window tint will catch broken pieces, preventing them from spraying all over the room.

Whatever your reason for investing in commercial building tinting, Salt Lake City business owners would be wise to choose Kram’s Mobile Detailing as their installers. At Kram’s, we come to you.