Car Window Tinting

Crystal clear windows?

  • No. Get a car wash.
  • Yes. Get tinted!

 Be cool!    Be Private!    Be Protected!

Tinted Car Windows Help Keep You Cool

Did you know that tinting your car windows will keep your car noticeably cooler during the hottest days of the year in Utah?

Kram’s Professional Detailing is here to help you be the coolest person in Utah with our car tinting services. 

Keep your Privacy with Car Window Tinting in Salt Lake 

No more odd looks from people on the street! With car window tinting, the inside of your car is your private space.

Rocking out to music? Nobody sees you.

Putting on makeup? Nobody sees you.

Awkward glances at the stop light? Nobody sees you.

Car window tinting gives you privacy while you are in your own car. Kram’s Professional Detailing offers all levels of tint shades for your convenience. 

Protect You & protect your car from sun damage

Sun fades fabric and cracks leather. Protect you and your family from unwanted sun exposure while driving with professional car window tinting. Protect your car from faded fabrics and cracked leather. Your car will love you back and will last much longer.

Car Window Tinting from Kram’s Professional Detailing is a vital part of keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Call Kram’s Professional Detailing (801- 588-9729) in Salt Lake City to get a free quote to protect your car with professional window tinting.