Car Window Tinting

Are your car windows crystal clear? If they aren’t, get a car wash. If they are, get a tint job! You don’t want to leave your car windows in factory condition, clear and plain. Check out these reasons you need a tint job today.

Tinted Car Windows Help Keep You Cool

In many states, untinted car windows simply do not exist. People in these states understand what many Utah residents have yet to realize: tinted car windows keep your car cooler year round. Whether the sun is beating down in the middle of the summer, or it’s an unseasonably warm autumn afternoon, a tinted car window reflects more sun, keeping the interior of your car much cooler.

Ensure Privacy with Car Window Tinting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Everyone sharing the road or sidewalk with you doesn’t need to know every detail of what you do inside your car. Maybe you don’t want people to see you rocking out to your favorite tunes. Maybe your passenger wants to use the vanity mirror in peace. Or maybe you just don’t want strangers staring at you while you sit at a stoplight. Tinted windows offer protection from all prying eyes. At Kram’s Mobile Detailing, we offer many shades of car tint to Salt Lake City residents. Choose the level of privacy that makes you feel most comfortable.

Protect You & Your Family From the Sun While Driving

The sun can fade fabric and crack leather. It can also give sunburns to driver and passengers on long road trips, or make babies cry when it hits them in the face. Protect your car and your loved ones with a professional tint job. Car tint, even in Salt Lake City, is a vital part of keeping your car looking its best for a long time.

Kram’s Mobile Detailing is a unique company. We bring our services to you, including car tint. Salt Lake City residents need only call to schedule with us today, and we’ll have you on your way to a cool, private, and protected car.