About Us

Kram’s is Utah’s oldest, most experienced, most equipped, and most certified detail shop in the state.

As Utah’s oldest mobile detailing company, we know a thing or two about detailing. Kram’s Professional Detailing was founded in 2003 and legally registered with state and federal taxes in 2007.  Which still makes us Utah’s oldest mobile detailing company legally. The inventor of this successful company Mark Fiedler was able to find a way for swirl free buffing long before it was invented into a machine to help us. He also had more drive to do the impossible detailing which is what we call Insurance Detailing today.

Insurance detailing is a revolutionary type of detailing that no other detail operation has ever done before. We are able to remove any odor (gas, milk, food, animal, feces, mold, fire, and drug) guaranteed. In order to do theft recovery, vandalism, drug, or just accidental we need the right chemicals, equipment, and training. We have over 150 different chemicals to tackle any detail the right way. We have over $50,000 of equipment in each mobile unit and twice that in our shops. We deal with all insurance companies to facilitate and save them money. This means less totaled vehicles and more money and value with everyone we work with. Insurance detailing can lead into some paint correction or scratch removal instead of painting.

 Paint Correction takes about 5 years to be able to perfect and get it done right. We train and look over each one of our team members shoulders until they have the 5 years of perfect buffing. We can remove most scratches, restore hazed or lightly oxidized paint, restore headlights, clear coat restorer, and ceramic coatings.

We are Opti-Coat Pro Plus Certified. This Ceramic coating is the only coating that carries a non conditional 7 year warranty. With all that in mind we are certified and trained to be able to install this product on your vehicle, boat, plane, and off road vehicle. We have coatings to protect every aspect of your vehicle whether it’s exterior or interior.

We take pride in our work to perfection, sometimes this means a detail may take us longer than planned but we will guarantee its perfect our name is on it and that’s our real business card. We continue to do trainings each year to ensure the best quality to our customers. These training are stain removal, odor control, hazmat, bio hazard, color sanding, polishing, gel coat restoration, and glass restoration. Just to brag a little more about our hard work here is some companies and events we do each year. Coca-Cola, Enterprise Rent-a-car, Hincklease, Government fleet vehicles, Sundance Film Festival, International Car Show, private manufacturer shows, and sponsored manufactures for Olympics.

Let us show you how your car is supposed to look.